About Us

We are just two best friends who want to share their love of the paranormal with the world!

We are your hosts, Bridget Hales & Lydia Newcomer! We are from Ohio & we met in the fall of 2012 when we were starting our junior year of high school taking an Animal Care program and have been inseparable ever since.  We love going on exciting adventures and trying new things so we thought, why not start a podcast about something we all really enjoy talking about? You will get to know us very well & feel like one of us as this podcast continues 😉

More fun facts about…..

Lydia: She is currently going to school for esthetics at Brown Aveda Institute and focusing on learning and bettering her skills at doing makeup and also works part time at a school as an aid!


Bridget: She works full time at a Medical Billing & Coding office, is a full time mom and wife. She plans on going to school for either Surgical Technology or to become an elementary school teacher! (I know, 2 completely different things but both so interesting/rewarding!)